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Location Of Padang Besar...

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Perlis is the smallest state of Malaysia and is situated in the northwest of the Peninsular. It's flanked by Thailand in the north, and by Kedah to the east and south. Its western coastline borders the Straits of Malacca. It measures approximately 810 sq km and has a population of 217,480. The state capital is Kangar (here's the government), while Arau, 10km away, is the Royal town.
Although small in size, Perlis is not without its attractions, foremost among which is its serene unspoilt beauty. Perlis, too, abounds with rustic rural scenes and rolling green fields of padi. There's not much tourism.
Even the capital Kangar is surrounded by padi fields, which sometimes look green and sometimes golden. That depends of course on the season.
Main towns in the state include Kangar, Arau, Kuala Perlis and Padang Besar.
Padang Besar is one of the major entry points for visitors from Thailand travelling by road or rail into Peninsular Malaysia. It is a border town in the state of Perlis in Malaysia. It is situated on the border with Songkhla province, Thailand, 35 kilometers northeast of Kangar. The town opposite Padang Besar in Thailand is also known as Padang Besar, although locals here will refer to the town as "Pekan Siam" or Siamese town.
The town is a popular destination for Malaysians because of the duty-free open markets in the neutral territory between the two countries

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